7 Soap Manuka Honey 5.6 oz

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7 Soap ~ Manuka Honey ~ Gentle, Fragrance Free Soap. Homeopath formulated. Perfect for face and body. Highest quality, specialty oils in this luxurious bar

Manuka Honey and the highest quality, specialty oils combine in this gentle, moisturizing soap. Perfect for face and body.

7 Soap is specifically formulated to use alone, or in combination with 7 Cream products for a powerful, synergistic effect. 7 Soaps feature the same proprietary formula that imparts exceptional, restorative properties and makes the 7 Cream product line highly effective

7 Soap is triple milled, made in Provence, France, with 84% organic ingredients. 100% plant based. No animal testing. Gluten free. No Parabens, Phthalates, SLS or BHT